Are you ready to weld and clean at THE SPEED OF LIGHT?


LightWELD laser welding is dramatically FASTER, EASIER and MORE CONSISTENT across a wide range of materials. 

It uses a laser beam or light to join together metals or thermoplastics. This concentrated heat source enables high welding speeds across thin materials and narrow, deep welds between thicker square-edged parts. Some models convert to high-speed cleaning machines at the flip of switch.


  • LIGHTNING FAST: High-speed welding that is 4X faster than TIG, with simple material preparation and minimal post-finishing, plus wobble welding and wire feed options 
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY: High-quality welds regardless of user experience
  • QUICK LEARNING CURVE: Built-in factory presets for welding and cleaning speeds learning; new welders learn in hours and experienced welders realize an immediate increase in productivity
  • MORE MATERIAL FLEXIBILITY: Weld thick, thin, reflective and dissimilar metal welding, even those with different electrical conductivity. Built-in factory presets for all materials and thicknesses.
  • HEAT AFFECTED ZONE: Very minimal
  • WOBBLE WELDING CAPABLE: Up to 5 mm additional weld width
  • PRE- & POST-WELD CLEANING: Up to 15 mm cleaning path

NOTE: This is a Class IV Laser Device which requires special lighting containment to ensure safety.





Ergonomic, lightweight and portable with a comfortable, simple laser welding gun with built-in wobble functionality. Rapid and flexible processing capabilities. Maximum 3/16" plate single pass full penetration.


All the features and welding capabilities of LightWELD 1500, plus the ability to quickly and easily convert to laser cleaning functions with a simple switch of the nozzle. Maximum 3/16" plate single pass full penetration.


All the capabilities of the other LightWELD models with an improved design for deeper penetration, allowing for 1/4" plate single pass full penetration weld.




LightWELD Model Specifications

Laser Type (Welding Mode) Air-Cooled Ytterbium Continuous Wave 1070 nm Fiber Laser
Laser Output (Welding Mode) 1500 W Average Power with 2500 W Peak Power, Class 1 Red Guide Beam
Laser Output (Cleaning Mode) XC & XR Models ONLY: 2500 W Peak Power, Pulse Frequency up to 50 kHz, Pulse Duty Cycle up to 20%
Umbilical Cable Utilities Bundle from Base Unit to Head including: Fiber Laser Delivery, Process Gas, Proces Head Control Signals and Safety Interlock Circuits - Length Standard 5 m (16 ft) or Optional 10 m (32 ft)
Cooling Air-Cooled - No External Chiller Required
Weld Head Handheld Wobble Welding Head; 1500 & XC MODELS: Collimating Length 40 mm (1.57 in), Focus Length 120, Spot Size 150 µm; XR MODEL: Collimating Length 50 mm (1.97 in); Focus Length 120, Spot Size 60 µm; Safety Control Sensors and Laser-on Indicator; User-Changeable Nozzles for Planar, Internal Corner & External Corner Welds
Weld Head Cleaning Nozzles XC & XR Models ONLY: Set of THREE Nozzles for Wide-Angle Scanning
Spot Size 1500 & XC Models = 150 µm, XR Model = 60 µm
Wobble Length Adjustable up to 5 mm
Cleaning Scan Length Adjustable up to 15 mm
Process Gas Argon; Nitrogen, Argon + CO2 Mix; For LHW-1500-5 Meter (working pressure 69-138 kPa/10-20 psi); For LHW-1500-10 Meter (working pressure 103-207 kPa/15-30 psi)
User Interface Front Panel Controls of Laser Power, Mode, Wobble Length and Frequency (Rotary Knobs with Digital Display); Laser ON/OFF Key Switch; E-Stop Button; Status Indicator Lights
Computer Connection Ethernet Connection to Web Page Interface Allowing Viewing/Adjustment of Process Mode Settings and System Status and Alarm Signal
Safety Features This is a Class IV Laser Device; Customer Responsible for Standard ANSI Z136.1 Safety Precautions (See Light Containment Requirements); System Features Include Key Laser for ON/OFF, 2-Step Laser Operation Trigger (Enable/Fire), Part-Head Contact Safety Circuit, Facility Door Interlock Circuit
Light Containment Requirements LightWELD is a Class IV Laser, which means special containment is needed for safety of those not directly involved with laser welding process and not wearing the required PPE, specifically infrared filter safety glasses.  Light containment uses non-light permeable material that will also absorb stray laser without igniting.  Options include: Class IV Curtains made of a heavy fabric that is rated for exposures of 300 WATTS at 1 inch for 90 seconds without igniting.  Curtains can be hung with frames or track mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling. Ceiling mounts can be direct or suspended to work around sprinkler systems or other structures. Prefabricated Enclosures are modular systems with metal components, usually black or gray in color.  Configurations vary based on physical layouts and  functional needs.
Operating Environment Storage Temperature -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F; Operating range 41 degrees F to 95 degrees F
Ease of Aluminum Moderate for 1500 and XC Models, Easy for XR Model
Single-Side, Single-Pass Material Welding Capability 1500 & XC Models: Stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum up to 4 mm, copper up to 1 mm ; XR Model: Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, galvanized steel, aluminum up to 6.35 mm, copper up to 2 mm
Facilities Requirement Electrical, 220V, 1 PH 50/60 Hz, 30 Amp
Size & Weight 12.4” W x 25.2” D x 21” T, 118 lbs.
Accessories Safety Glasses, Power Connecting Plug, Ethernet Cable
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