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Central McGowan



Our Dry Ice Specialists hosted several dry ice blasting demos with our partner, Cold Jet.  From graffiti removal to welder maintenance to decal removal to boat cleaning to tar and rust removal to transmission/forklift cleaning, we captured them on video!

Contact us if you're interested in scheduling a demo at your location, or learning more.

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Dry Ice Blasting - Graffiti Removal

Dry Ice Blasting - Boat Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting - Tar Removal-Truck

Dry Ice Blasting - Welder Restoration

Dry Ice Blasting - Paint Removal

Dry Ice Blasting-Decal & Rust Removal

Dry Ice Blasting - Transmission/Forklift

Robotic Dry Ice Blasting-Cold Jet

ColdZERO Info Video

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