Bulk medical gases are essential in every healthcare facility. We supply Liquid Oxygen for patients requiring supplemental oxygen through a mask, Nitrous Oxide for anesthetic purposes, Nitrogen to power surgical equipment and Carbon Dioxide to inflate or suspend tissues during surgery – just to name a few. Serving the healthcare industry is something we take a lot of pride in because it's a field that impacts everyone. Healthcare professionals count on our gases to efficiently and effectively perform their job and serve their patients.

With bulk gas comes the need for bulk gas storage, which is why we offer an array of cylinder size and storage options. We have everything from small individual cylinders to Dura-Cyls and Micro-Bulk. For our large-scale customers, we offer more substantial bulk systems ranging in size from 500- 11,000 gallons. All orders are transported with our company-owned fleet of transport trucks, so we can ensure all orders are fulfilled on time and within the necessary timeframe of our customer.

Healthcare customers we serve:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Home healthcare
  • And more