We serve educational institutions by installing the best equipment on the market into their shops, learning labs, clinical practice rooms and more. With high quality machinery, supplies and bulk gas solutions that cut costs, improve energy efficiencies and increase productivity in the classroom, the number of educational industry customers we work with is rising each year. You can find our bulk gases serving many dental hygiene and mechanic programs while our welding, cutting and production equipment is found in numerous manufacturing and applied engineering classrooms statewide.

Professors and teachers can also purchase any and all safety equipment needed for their classroom – simplifying the tedious task of stocking up the inventory for the semester or year. Not only does the faculty enjoy Central McGowan's services, but so do the students. When they're able to learn in a hands-on environment and work with the materials they'll undoubtedly encounter in a future job, they can confidently leave their program of study at graduation time.

We have the ability to supply your classroom and students with the tools (customized kits) and information necessary for your curriculum.