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 Maxstar 150 S Welder Used Miller Stick 1 YR WARRANTY   Category: Stick Welders 
 Stock # USD MI MAXSTAR 150
 Condition: Used
 Warranty: Yes 
Price: $550.00

Maxstar 150S Miller Stick Welder Used for sale. Qty 4 traded in with 1 year of factory warranty remaining!! Solid condition with hard carrying case included. Compact and portable at less than 20 pounds and featuring inverter technology for maximum power efficiency.

 Cutmaster 52 Plasma Cutter Thermal Dyn. 1-5130-1   Category: Plasma Cutters 
 Stock # 1-5130-1
 Condition: New
 Warranty: Yes 
Price: $1799.99  Sale Price: $1468.31
Cutmaster 52 Plasma Cutter Thermal Dynamics 1-5130-1

Cutmaster 52 Thermal Dynamics BLOWOUT HOLIDAY SALE!! These machines are BRAND NEW and are sealed in the original box!! Full 4 year warranty. We ship anywhere in the United States!!

 Bernard, Tweco and Tregaskis MIG Gun Sale!!   Category: Specials 
 Stock # MIG gun
 Condition: Used 
Call for Pricing
Bernard, Tweco and Tregaskis MIG Gun Sale!!

Bernard, Tweco and Tregaskis MIG Gun Sale!! We have one of each of these brand name guns for sale! These are high quality and well known welding brands. Click on more info for a better description and pricing! We can ship these anywhere in the U.S.

 Miller CP250TS Power Sources For Sale!!   Category: Wire Feed Welders - 3 phase 
 Stock # USD MI CP250TS
 Condition: Used
 Warranty: Yes 
Price: $646.00
Miller CP250TS Power Sources For Sale!!

We have 2 Miller CP250TS power sources for sale at very reasonable prices. These machines push out 250 amps at 100% duty cycle and are 3 phase only. CP250TS machines paired with an external feeder make for great MIG welding units. We can ship anywhere in the U.S.

 Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 152 Plasma **NEW DEMO**   Category: Plasma Cutters 
 Stock # THE CUTMASTER 152
 Condition: New
 Warranty: Yes 
Call for Pricing
Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 152!!!

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 152 plasma cutter blowout sale NEW DEMO machines. These Cutmaster 152 machines come available at up to $900 OFF!! We will beat any advertised price online with these demo machines! Max 2" thick steel cutting capacity!! We ship anywhere in the U.S. Call for current stock.

 BAHCO 3851-Cobra PSG blades 22' 5" x 1 1/2" x 3/4   Category: Other Equipment 
 Stock # BAB 22511234COB
 Condition: New 
Price: $121.99  Sale Price: $89.99
BAHCO 3851-Cobra PSG bandsaw blades 22' 5

We have a quantity of 20 BAHCO 3851-Cobra PSG bandsaw blades for sale at over $30 OFF!! These blades are 22'5"L x 1 1/2"W x 3/4 teeth per inch. The BAHCO Cobra blades are excellent multi-metal cutting blades with extreme wear resistance! We can ship these anywhere in the U.S. for reasonable rates!

 Speedglas Fresh-Air Filters and Blower Units! NEW   Category: Specials 
 Condition: New 
Call for Pricing
Speedglas Fresh-Air Filters and Fresh-Air Blower Units!!

Priced at 60% BELOW COST!!! We are liquidating various Speedglas Fresh-Air filters and a quantity of 2 Speedglas Fresh-Air Blower Systems! These items are BRAND NEW and priced to sell FAST! Keep the air you are breathing clean with new filters by Speedglas! We can ship anywhere in the U.S.

 PT 17 and PT15 ESAB Cutting Torch Parts **NEW**   Category: Other Equipment 
 Stock # ESAB PT 17 & 15 Parts
 Condition: New 
Call for Pricing
PT 17 and PT 15 Cutting Torch Parts

ESAB PT 17 and PT 15 cutting torch parts LIQUIDATION!! We are liquidating these ESAB parts below cost!! These are genuine ESAB cutting torch parts that are still in the bag! Check out MORE INFO to see full details on parts and the prices!! We can ship these ESAB torch parts anywhere in the U.S.

 Simonds 14'3"x1 1/4"x5-8 TPI Bandsaw Blades *NEW*   Category: Specials 
 Stock # SIB 14311458EPIC
 Condition: New 
Price: $67.49  Sale Price: $44.99
Simonds 14'3

Simonds blades 14'3"x1 1/4"x5-8 TPI LIQUIDATION for over 30% OFF!!! These Bi-Metal EPIC model blades are great quality blades for a fraction of the price!! We can also ship these blades anywhere in the U.S.

 Hefty CC/CV Wire Feeder Package by Thermal Arc!   Category: Other Equipment 
 Condition: Used
 Warranty: Yes 
Sale Price: $1187.30
Hefty CC/CV Wire Feeder Package by Thermal Arc

Hefty CC/CV wire feeder by Thermal Arc USED ON SALE!! This feeder can run on most CC/CV power sources. This package includes 2 Tregaskiss guns and a variety of different tips and nozzles!! This is a very clean unit that has been fully tested and works EXCELLENT!! We can ship anywhere in the U.S.


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